Zone Clash: Multiplayer Team Based Shooter for Android and iOS

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Zone Clash: Multiplayer Team Based Shooter for Android and iOS

Zone clash is multiplayer game for android and ios, i took the helm of developing the project all by myself, with some help and guidance of friends and colleagues, I used Unity to develop to this game, multiplayer was implemented with UNET service, this game also uses web and database service App42 to store user data and information. 4 different maps, 4 different game modes, loads of collectibles.

Game Features:
- Tier Selection Game Play
- Different Areas to Fight
- Single Player Mode
- Multiplayer Mode 5-10 Players
- Game Modes  Team Deathmatch,Capture the Flag and Arena Mode
- 70+ Weapons to choose from
- Armor Selection
Many More….

  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Features: UNET Multiplayer,In-App Purchase,Facebook API,App42 Database,Web services,User Services
  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Download Here on PlayStore and AppStore.


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