Zone Clash: Multiplayer Team Based Shooter for Android and iOS

Zone Clash: Multiplayer Team Based Shooter for Android and iOS

Zone clash is multiplayer game for android and ios, i took the helm of developing the project all by myself, with some help and guidance of friends and colleagues, I used Unity to develop to this game, multiplayer was implemented with UNET service, this game also uses web and database service App42 to store user data and information. 4 different maps, 4 different game modes, loads of collectibles.

Game Features:
- Tier Selection Game Play
- Different Areas to Fight
- Single Player Mode
- Multiplayer Mode 5-10 Players
- Game Modes  Team Deathmatch,Capture the Flag and Arena Mode
- 70+ Weapons to choose from
- Armor Selection
Many More….

  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Features: UNET Multiplayer,In-App Purchase,Facebook API,App42 Database,Web services,User Services
  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Download Here on PlayStore and AppStore.

Love Bullet, Play now on Android and Windows 10

Fly into a world of shooting terror. Shoot & destroy bosses to protect humanity Love Bullet – Fly Shooter is an upbeat, dynamic and wildly fun arcade fly shooter in which you need to show great shooting precision and flying skills if you want the humanity to be restored from the horrible bosses. In a vibrant and totally attractive environment you will be put to a really challenging test of unpredictable movements, obstacles and shooting battles. Can you handle the pressure?!  ARCADE SHOOTER WITH TONS OF UPGRADES  Light is the last hope to restore humanity in our planet. Evil and corruptions are everywhere. You play a brave girl character which is in the role of the powerful shooter. She must destroy the evil and eliminate the corruption and contagious danger the planet is surrounded by.  UNPREDICTABLE OBSTACLES WITH DIFFERENT WEAPONS  With hundreds of obstacles and 4 powerful and angry bosses, help her save the humanity. Unlock weapons, levels and much more content with your shooting skills. Don’t settle for your starting weapon and explore. You may discover some great shooting abilities and destroy your opponents much faster.  LOVELY GRAPHICS AND AMAZING FLY & SHOOT GAMEPLAY  The amazing graphics and stunning visual effects is what you’ll adore in this fly shooter. From the very beginning you will be attracted with the feel of the game. Tap and move the light and produce precise shoots with the easy controls. You’ll love the color selection, animation, sound effects and generally the ambient this game creates!  2 GAME MODES  - play against the 4 bosses and enjoy a classic fly shooting experience. - play in challenge mode (multiplayer) where you need to battle with other players  Love Bullet – Fly Shooter features  - fly shooting gameplay - vibrant and dynamic fly arcade graphics - various shooting options - tons of content and weapons to unlock - classic arcade shoot setting - 2 game modes - unique soundtrack and sound effects --------------------------------------------------- One of the best retro arcade games you will play this year. Free arcade shooting game that will engage you from the first moment. Arcade shooting game with tons of dynamics and content to unlock. Multiplayer arcade shooter features. Get it FREE now!

Platforms: Android  and Windows Store.
Engine: Unity.

Play Mix Mash for Android and iOS

Mix Mash, a fun tile swiping game spread across three worlds where you swipe tiles to match the pattern displayed above. Sounds simple enough? Not really. The levels get tougher with more intricate patterns and sizes.
share your score on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score.
enjoy the festive board in the Christmas world, get spooked out with the Halloween world, unravel the mysteries of the Egyptian world. 
Platforms: Android  and iOS.
Engine: Unity.

Alien Resuce Saga is out now to PLAY!

Alien Rescue Saga is an all-new match-3 game that combines the movement of 2048 with the gameplay of a match-3 game. Join the rescue and being a spectacular journey combining 3 or more of similar aliens to rescue them. Collect energy capsules to power-up the spaceship, and use any of the four exciting power-ups to make quicker combinations. Use the Swap power-up to switch places of two aliens! Have two similar aliens next to each other and don't want to wait for a third one? Go ahead and use the Two-Much power-up! Use the Tile Burst to rescue single aliens, and if there are lots of aliens you want to rescue, just use the Nuke to rescue them all at one go!
Alien Rescue Saga is a free game to play,but you may require some in-app purchases, to buy extra life or power-ups from the comet store.
  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Features: In-App Purchase,Facebook API,Google Analytic,Local Notification,Health Reminder.
  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Download Here on PlayStore and AppStore.

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Star Invader (C++/SFML)

Star Invader, is a Space Invader Clone, where you move the player ship with “a” and “w” keys and shoot the enemies with “LMB”, however player has limited bullet resource and player can collect bullets by collecting power ups.The speed of enemy spawn rate increases every 45,therefore making player difficult to win as the Level progresses. Star Invader also stores Highscore data, so be sure beat the previous highscore.

Genre: Space Invader
Platform: Windows.
Language: C++.
Libraries: SFML.
IDE: Visual Studio 2013 Community
Year: 2015.

Safari Squares

Safari Squares, is a 2D Match 3 Puzzle game, where you rescue animals by matching them together with their respective other,Game contains,features like Power-UP,Scrolling World Map,Leader Board,and other cool stuff, that are popular in most popular games.

Genre: 2D Puzzle Match-3.
Platform: Android,iOS,Web.
Engine: Unity 4.
Year: 2014.

Mainmenu with Leaderboard,Facebook SDK Elements.

A Scrolling world Map,with In-App Purchase,Real-Time Heart Counter and Gold Count.
 The Layout of the game,with objectives and other information required.

Objective Complete information.

Vikram Vethal

Vikram Vethal

Vikram Vethal, is a 2D Puzzle-Solving Platformer, focus on story of Vikram, and the part, where he meets Vethal for first time, the game is designed and made for Mobiles and Tabs, with Joystick to Control Vikram's Movement, AI of Enemies is Challenges the player, the Monsters can Block and Dodge your attacks, and they can seek the player, if he is in range.

Genre: 2D Puzzle Platformer.
Platform: Android,iOS.
Engine: Unity 5.
Year: 2015.

Lizard Monster, Heavy Tank, chases you once you are in range, Melee Combat, has potential to Block your attacks.

Basic Movements and Climbing all other features that must be available in a platformer.

 Checkpoint and Health Regeneration spot, saves your progress and heals your health to full.

Spider AI, Ranged, Dodges player attacks, doesn't chase you, but starts firing at you once you are in range.

Joystick movement for Mobiles and Tab, focused to provide better gameplay for the user.