Vikram Vethal

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Vikram Vethal

Vikram Vethal, is a 2D Puzzle-Solving Platformer, focus on story of Vikram, and the part, where he meets Vethal for first time, the game is designed and made for Mobiles and Tabs, with Joystick to Control Vikram's Movement, AI of Enemies is Challenges the player, the Monsters can Block and Dodge your attacks, and they can seek the player, if he is in range.

Genre: 2D Puzzle Platformer.
Platform: Android,iOS.
Engine: Unity 5.
Year: 2015.

Lizard Monster, Heavy Tank, chases you once you are in range, Melee Combat, has potential to Block your attacks.

Basic Movements and Climbing all other features that must be available in a platformer.

 Checkpoint and Health Regeneration spot, saves your progress and heals your health to full.

Spider AI, Ranged, Dodges player attacks, doesn't chase you, but starts firing at you once you are in range.

Joystick movement for Mobiles and Tab, focused to provide better gameplay for the user.


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